Today's Exchange Rate

27 March 2015 | PHP 00.00 | Valid until 5pm AEST

How to send money remittance

Once you are registered, just follow these 3 easy steps:

Australian currency deposit

1. Deposit into our bank account

To allow us to ID your bank deposit and internet transfer in our
account please put your name and MFF customer ID as

If deposit is via internet transfer please email a screenshot of
your transfer (showing our account number) as proof of your deposit

Friendly call centre worker

2. Contact us to confirm your deposit

Beneficiaries in the Philippines

3. Provide full details of your beneficiary

  • Cash Door to Door: Full name/s, residential
    address, telephone
  • Credit to bank Account: Account name/s,
    residential address, telephone, account number, bank and bank
  • Cash Pick Up: Full name/s, residential address and